BitTorrent (BTT/BTC)

Will China Catch BitTorrent Fever? BitTorrent’s Chinese connections make it a must watch market. With all the new interest coming from Chinese officials about Blockchain technology it would be wise to watch markets that have Chinese connections. They will get the most attention and thus most investment input. BTT should be on that watch list. […]

BitcoinCash: Return of Jihan

Fundamental and Technical Picture Can the return of Jihan Wu to Bitmain help BCH outpace BTC again? Fundamentals Micree Zhan has been ousted from all operations as Jihan Wu returns to Bitmain and is taking over as legal representative of Chinese operations. We will update the story as more news becomes available. Technicals First chart […]

Xrp, Ripple

Ripple (XRP/BTC)

The Algo That Keeps Giving But for how long? There really is no way to tell when this remarkable repeat of market structure is going to end, but we’ve been following it as an edge for more than 2 years now and will continue until it is invalid. Unfortunately for the XRParmy the structure does […]


DASH Big Picture View The ability to wait on the weekly chart: The second chart is a way to approach larger position trading. The description is on the chart. TLDR, the first Confirmed Reversal print on the Weekly chart should rally into a green bar print. Daily chart is coming into support zones, and way […]

Litecoin (LTC/BTC)

Seasonal Similarities Abound Will LTC drift lower into the holiday season? There has been a lot of seasonal similarities over the past 3 years. A repeat of the last 2 years has LTCBTC chopping lower towards a low in the holiday season. It suggests longs will be rewarded with at least a relief rally. Invalidation […]


A Decision Awaits Ethereum is on tap today with the USD pair. Price needs to find a sideways out of the channel bouncing off one of the yellow rectangles for a bullish set up. If not the algo is painting the chart similar to last year which could send price back to the bottom of […]

Capital Flight & Bitcoin

People often talk about “capital flight”, Bitcoin, and China. But is it true? If it is then it must apply to Hong Kong too, right? Well… This could be a 10K word essay, however charts tell a more detailed story with far less words. The theory is this: Currency issues and/or restrictions in a country […]

$DASH, the MasterNode King

DASH is showing signs of a bottom. Is it an interm bottom, or something better? DASH has been the undisputed king of MasterNode coins for years. Because of that it often signals what is to be expected of the altcoin sector. We are only looking at the BTC pair as that’s all that matters for […]


Ethereum is in a fairly stable price channel, for now, but… …can Bitcoin continue to drag Ethereum upwards? The ETHBTC pair is not doing great at all, but it’s more a function of ETHUSD not going up at the same rate as BTCUSD, rather than ETHUSD selling off, which is encouraging. If ETHUSD continues to […]

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