The SCMP is Slowly Becoming a Megaphone for China

The Flooding I have generally avoided Asian media outlets with a focus on home here in North America. But then this year’s flooding in China happened. What an eye opener! With such a large amount of Bitcoin miners I was very interested to find out where flooding was occurring, if there was was still large […]

Bitcoin COT & Data (Week Ending Sep 4)

Data Summary Commitment of Traders Report Dealers STILL have no Long positions Leveraged Funds grow their Short position Everyone other than Leveraged Funds seemed to looking at $12K breaking Bitcoin Hash Rate 7 Day Average Bitcoin Hash Rate 7 day rolling average continues to consolidate near all time highs. Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index Fear & Greed go […]


Bitcoin: Consolidation Until Autumn?

Made 2 bang on calls at the beginning of this pattern with the 1H chart(see article attached below). The pattern has not deviated from course yet. If the pattern holds then price should continue to consolidate with a breakout near Autumn Equinox, which is a HUGE Gann pivot date for Crypto markets. This would be […]

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