Monero Market Structure

Strength Over Knife Catching Bulls have been active creating strong support over the last few months. The bearish case is those bounces off of support have created a Head & Shoulders pattern. Based on the current location of price on the chart it seems more prudent to buy strength(short pink horizontal lines) rather than fighting […]

GeoCoin Volume Spikes

“Volume Doesn’t Lie” Volume doesn’t lie is an old saying that comes to mind with charts like this. The 1st chart shows lots of buys at the all time lows. The 2nd chart zooms in to see the applicable levels. Someone(s) is going out of their way to buy coins in recent weeks. It seems […]

@twetchapp Suspended from Twitter

No reason as to why there was a suspension yet. Will update later. (update 2:00pm Pacific) New Account @twetchdat Twetch is back with a new account. This suggests the appeal for the original account suspension may not go their way. Just another day on Twitter.


Gaps, Gaps, Gaps The DOW has filled 4 of the 6 gaps created during the sell off including one yesterday. Resistance is far strong over the next 5% compared to the last 40% up. Why? Only 1 easy gap is left to fill, it is at a “retail raid” zone, and inside the OTE. Risk […]

Siacoin Nears Key Level

Volume, Pattern, and Price Pivot Lots of green volume along the consolidation phase. Candle Bodies looks like an Inverse Head & Shoulders. Price is 1 Satoshi away form the neckline pivot. Back on May 2nd I noted the craziness of SC being worth less than DOGE. 3 Days later on the 5th a buy signal […]

Bitcoin COT & Data (Week Ending May 22)

Data Summary Commitment of Traders Report: Dealers add to their very one sided Short trade Nonreportables are still heavy Long and adding Leverage Funds are decidedly Short, but did some dip buying Bitcoin Hash Rate Last week’s sizable movements in the raw data are noticeable on the 7 day rolling average this week. Hash Rate […]

Basic Attention Token (BAT/BTC)

Support Currently Looking like Resistance The daily chart shows only a slightly bullish volume profile (1st chart) The weekly chart has price under long term support (2nd chart) Buying with momentum at the breakout (1st chart) is also the same level as the long term support (blue line on 2nd chart). This seems like the […]

Dusk Network (DUSK/BTC)

Turn Up the Volume The DUSK/BTC chart jumped out at me recently. Price has been following a well defined descending wedge. As the wedge has been tightening the volume has been rising. The last few months of volume looks like more like accumulation than distribution. Those are pretty decent signals to consider. The Two Best […]

Natural Gas (NATGASUSD)

It Seems So Close NatGas is very close to hitting the bottom of a multi-year channel as seen in the first chart. Winter heating demands make a solid argument for why NAGASUSD could push to the bottom of the channel. Supply overhang has been an issue as well. Between Summer heat and reduced commercial building […]

@ActualAdviceBTC has Passed Away

With tears in my eyes and feeling absolutely gutted I make this post to honor AABTC. He was an often larger than life person, who once took a helicopter to get back in time to buy some shitcoin ICO…LOL, he was always an entertaining person. Even though he had more money than 99.9% of crypto […]

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