BTC-BC (Blackcoin) Timeline


New Blackcoin (BC) Trading Pairs on Bittrex

Above is a screenshot of Blackcoin (BC) and the new BC trading pairs on Bittrex, which have a noticable bias towards “Anon” feature coins. This is a clear indication of what is worth trading in the next BTC and AltCoin bubble. Though it would seem obvious that holding some BC would be advisable, it is the coins initially chosen for pairing that is intreguing.

Anon feature coins do have some of the longest lasting market pumps, and their overall value tends to trend upwards over time. This new addition makes it that much easier for market movers to accumulate coins and take to them to the BTC pairing for traditional bull market moves.

CLOAK, DOGE, DRK, KEY, LTC, RZR, XDQ, and XMR are the ticker symbols to research.

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