DayTraderCoin (DTC) is now CSN’s exclusive form of payment.



Coin Street News, CSN is proud to announce it has entered into an exclusive partnership with DayTraderCoin. The majority of our services will be settled in DTC not BTC. This includes our private TA group, consulting fees, and trading tips.

Much of the material contained within the private forum will become available to the public through a pay-as-you-go payment processor (e.g. instead of joining the group you can spend, let’s say, 0.05BTC or (xxx)DTC and receive the daily picks. Or you can purchase a tutorial video the same way). The private videos have made most of the CSN members much better traders, we look forward to sharing our methods with you all. We plan on giving a discount if you pay in DTC instead of BTC. If you pay in BTC the funds will be converted to DTC shortly after from the website itself.

CSN has many interested parties that wish to sell trading software through the website as well. Once the payment processor is fully functional we will release a more detailed description of how the pay-as-you-go system works.

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  1. What an awesome idea, I know there is big plans for daytradercoin and this site choosing to take up a partnership is great news. Hopefully this will be the start of alts maturing and having real world use instead of the usual pump and dump crap coins…good work guys

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