CSN Premium Membership & DTC (DayTraderCoin) Burn

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The Coin Street News Trade & TA group, which is lead by Twitter’s @djThistle01 will now be providing a premium membership.

Memberships will be payable in BTC. We were going to accept DTC (DayTraderCoin) only, but we thought of a unique way to increase the value of DTC instead.

How it Works: When a person pays for membership they will pay in BTC. Shortly after that CSN send the corresponding amount of DTC to a public wallet address. Then, on a monthly basis we will burn the corresponding amount of DTC until a good chunk of our DTC is gone, thus raising the value over time. Also, once a month CSN will be running a contest and the winner of the contest will win free entry into the group for a couple of weeks.

Why a Premium Membership
Crypto has less volume lately, and the action in the stock, currency, and commodities markets are far too tempting to be ignored. The group will focus on BTC, personal trading strategies, a central trade fund, in depth TA lessons, and the expansion into real world options trading. The DOW has been on a very long bull run, Japan has slipped into recession, oil is down, etc…it is most certainly a rare opportunity of extreme volatility on the horizon.

Fees(short overview)
Basic Membership: 1 time fee of 0.25BTCgets you 1) Access to Video Lessons, 2) some tips, 3) open skype chat, and 4) limited 1-on-1 time

Premium Membership:
A monthly fee gets you 1) focused BTC TA & Trade tips, 2) help developing your own personalized trading strategy, 3) access to our central trading fund, 4) in depth TA lessons, and 5) the expansion into real world options/stock trading.


  1. Great way to increase value of DTC. Besides that i’m honest when i say i learned a lot of the videos already and i wish there was a group like this 1 year ago. Would have made a lot of money haha.

  2. damn good idea! im gonna support that coin as it seems to be a legit one in the middle of shitcoins. im also very interested in options and stock trading which is the logic sequel of cryptotrading.

  3. Great ideas for a great coin. Somewhat refreshing after all those scams, pump&dumps and other kinds of deception. I really like your work – and I really hope people recognize this as a chance to improve their skills.

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