DayTraderCoin (DTC): New Wallet, IRC, and Payment Tab











DaytraderCoin (DTC) has just released some new features. Here is part of the press release from their BCT page:


Greetings DayTraders, we have some updates for you today!

First, we now have QT wallets available for both Windows and OSX. With the Windows wallet, you will have the option to trade DTC on Bittrex by entering your API keys in the “Trade” tab. Both wallets also include our IRC chat so traders can drop by and discuss TA and other market strategies with our team and each other. For those of you who are unable to use the QT wallet, you can still join us in #daytraderchat on freenode via any IRC client, and also through the “Live Chat” tab on the CSN website ( We hope to build a strong community and encourage participation by having a place outside of Bitcointalk to congregate.

Additionally, we have established some new nodes to support the network. They have been integrated as seed nodes in the updated wallets, but for those of you still using the old ones, you may add the following IPs to your daytradercoin.conf file:


We are still working on some bugs in the automated membership payment system, but we will post another update as soon as it is ready. Thanks for your patience!


For the average person this means they have a new wallet with better features, an IRC channel to discuss daytrading techniques, and the payment tab will be installed in the near future. There will be an official announcement soon, but I believe if you hold a certain amount of DaytraderCoin (DTC) Thistle will be doing an open forum Q&A for serious traders at some point in the near future. Also, as mentioned in the past, if you buy a CoinStreetNews (CSN) Premium Membership or advertising space on CSN with BTC CSN will burn the equivalent amount of DTC. This will lower the coin count and thus make it more rare over time. The process will begin as soon as the payment tab is installed.


There are more tech developments in the works and we are excited to see what new partnerships and products will be purchasable in DTC.



  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to use the new wallet! Thanks for all your hard work on this coin.

  2. Really looking forward to the premium service, burning DTC will be great also. Been trading DTC since ccex, great coin that has real world use.

  3. Sounds solid. Wallet connects smoothly, looking forward to the coming features!

  4. dtc is the shit! hope this coin will have enough volume soon to really daytrade it!

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