Market Overview BTC, DOGE, Alt Volume, and CSN Paytabs (Dec 15 2014)


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As usual BTC is moving down Sunday and Monday, and doing so making nice wicks on the weekly candles. Though there has been more volume in BTC lately I believe it is due to price action connected to all of the increased leverage trading, and not an increase in the number of actual traders in the market.


Altcoin volume is down once again this weeks after a brief bounce in volume that lasted about 10days. Bittrex is back under 400BTC in daily trader volume again, and this is being seen in other Altcoin exchanges too.


DOGE continues to move down with BTC. This is the first time they have moved together in months. The change in the BTC v DOGE inverse relationship and the reduced Altcoin volume usually indicates volatile BTC prices ahead.


We aim to have paytabs set up on the site shortly. At that point in time the Premium Membership will begin. The focus will be on high volume markets. As of now that means BTC and the quirks around leverage trading. Charts on the DOW, S&P, and other stock & fx markets will be examined as well.


The DayTraderCoin project is moving along well. We expect the announcement of TraderTools Version 1 very shortly. It is highly recommended that to take advantage of all the trade tools and TA groups CoinStreetNews has to offer that you accumulate 10 000DTC on either Bittrex or C-Cex. Stay tuned for more details.









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