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Yesterday CoinStreetNews (CSN) announced that @djthistle01 and ourselves will be starting a premium membership group. We have also decided to run a contest that will allow traders to win a free spot in the Basic membership group. Once in the Basic group traders then have the ability to win a spot in the Premium group.

Contest Details:

The contest will be open to the general public from Dec 3-14 2014. The winner announced on Dec 16th and will be added to our membership group until Dec 31 2014.

How to Win:
CSN is all about helping people develop trading skills, thus the contest is modeled around the idea of “Who is the Best Trader”. The person with the greatest gains wins, pretty simple right? Right! The “Buy Side” total must be equal or greater than 0.5BTC and the person with the greatest gain (the “Sell Side” total) wins the game/contest. The 0.5BTC spent can, for example, be 0.1BTC traded 5 or more times. You do not need to buy 0.5BTC outright just a minimum buy total of 0.5BTC. Our membership group is focused on helping people learn, and thus we want to accept the most serious traders. The 0.5BTC total ensures that dedicated traders are playing the game and not just a 1 off trade game.

The coin you MUST trade is DTC (DayTraderCoin) on Bittrex. I suggest taking screen shots of your trade history and working out your BTC/DTC bought & sold to figure out your profit margin. I will double check your submitted total against your screen shots and the winner will then be announced.

Finally, we mentioned in yesterday’s article that CSN fees & services paid in BTC will result in the burning of DTC (DayTraderCoin) until a substantial reduction in supply occurs. We have not opened up payment into the Premium service yet, but general advertising fees collected in the past 24hrs have already ensured that 2% of the supply will be burned. To see results in the first day of the first week or the first real promotion is very bullish for DTC and the CSN media outlet as a whole. We will make the accounting of the coins public at least once per month.


  1. very good website,have a nice day ADMIN

  2. have a nice day ADMIN i want to join free membership thanks

    1. all memberships are paid.

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