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btc jan 1 2015


After a nice holiday break we are back to daily posting again. We did provide exceptional charts on Paycoin (XPY) during the holidays for our paid members, as it was too high volume of a market to be ignored. If you are interested in joining our membership please contact us for details. So what does 2015 have to offer?


2015 will be an exciting year at CoinStreetNews (CSN) with new analysts, writers, and sponsors coming on board. In early 2015 we will be announcing details regarding our unique trading pool, an exclusive trade kit, and the expansion of our relationship with DayTraderCoin (DTC).


2014 has been a savage bear market, and this will continue into 2015. We are looking for the market to pivot near February 9th and the confirmation of bullish action by February 27th. After February 27th we will examine the market again.


Currently Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading in a well defined wedge on the 1D (see below). The support for this fractal is well defined, and conservative spread orders inside the lower band of support is where we see the bottom holding (see chart above). The bears can be tamed, but it involves breaking upwards and over a couple of important resistance levels. For now trading the wedge on the 1D and plotting the course of the market shorters seems the most wise use of time.


btc jan 1 2015 1D chart







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  1. Thanks for the charts. 2015 will be CSN year!

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