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CoinStreetNews is now accepting pre-order applications for Trader Tools Volume 1 (TTv1). The cost is 1BTC. The package consists of 2 software trading tools, many “how-to” trade cyrpto tutorial videos, and more. A more detailed list of what is included is in the recap of the last TTv1 press release (below).

Due to licensing agreements we can only guarantee the price of 1BTC for the first 20 applicants. If more than 20 are interested in the pre-order phase then we will take deposits from the most serious applicants.

Please contact us to put your name on the free waiting list. Title all eMails “TTv1 Pre-Order”

This project has also brought the price of DTC up from near 1000sats to over 4000sats. The DTC that will be burned/taken out of circulation is valued at 5000sats, thus we are buying nearly everything under 4200sats to fund community projects like this.



TTv1 details:

 DayTraderCoin(DTC) and CoinStreetNews(CSN) is proud to announce that Trader Tools Volume 1  is near completion and almost ready for public purchase.

 The package includes an Altcoin Trade Bot from a very reputable botsmith, Cabtrader, “How to” videos on margin/leverage trading, classic TA videos and charts that explain most of my trading system that will be helpful for all traders, and free membership into the CSN trade/lessons group.

 Membership into the forum means you get access to all of my videos, charts, trade tips, and chat room. For each Trader Tools pack that is sold CSN will destroy 10K DayTraderCoins. DTC has a supply of 1.2Million coins and we plan on halving the supply over the coming months.

 Trader Tools Volume 1 will be available as a download or you can request that a USB flashdrive hard copy be mailed out. The cost is 1BTC.

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