ExclusiveCoin (EXCL): Feb 6 2015




A new market is being created within the cryptocurrency space. A cooperative effort is being carried out by the creators of Exclusive Coin and the Atomic Exchange in order to create a new market, that is hoped to fill the void left by the recent demise of Bitmit. The exclusive market is perfectly positioned to fulfill such a role. It would function in a similar fashion as eBay would but with build in escrow and it would use BTC and EXCL instead of fiat currency.


Exclusive Coin ingeniously recognizes that one of the most important factors that gives any currency its value is its active use in commerce. That is why the creation of such markets are so important for the cryptocurrency movement as a whole. It moves us closer towards creating a more complete cryptocurrency economy, where we would not have to use fiat currencies if we did not want to.


The loss of the Bitmit market has been very significant in the cryptocurrency community. That is one of the reasons why Exclusive Coin is moving into action in cooperation with Atomic Trade, Canada based, exchange in order to fill the void that now exists within the cryptocurrency economy. The Exclusive market holds the perfect position to take on this role and provide this service to the cryptocurrency community. Since its launch only a few months ago, it has sold most of the products posted on the Exclusive market within a very short period of time. From mining equipment to discounted prices for exclusive hotels among many more interesting and unique products. These products are being sold and shipped from across the United States to Europe and even Africa, using a cryptocurrency that can be mined with your graphics card. With a good community and one of the most trusted developers in the cryptocurrency space.


The Exclusive Market is indeed well suited to become a more open market and fulfill this role and service within the cryptocurrency community, in cooperation with the Atomic Exchange we can be sure that the market will be well build, robust and secure. This combined with trusted escrow by prominent members of the Bitcoin community (kingscrown the EXCL founder or ByronP the millionaire investor). The Exclusive market is indeed worthy to rise with the cryptocurrency economy and create a better world in the process due to real names backing it up and big community of Sr and Hero members investing in coins idea.


There are alternatives however to markets like the former Bitmit and the upcoming Exclusive market. There are the dark markets for a start but not everyone is comfortable using the dark markets for various reasons and especially not for all transactions. There are also decentralized markets that do now also exist, however some people still distrust these new decentralized systems, furthermore many of them do tend to be slower, limited and more expensive compared to a centralized market.


Decentralization should definitely be the goal, however sometimes centralized systems do work better for certain applications and the technology is still being developed. However having many markets is also a form of decentralization as well, since even the internet for example still has centralized points of failure. These are problems that I believe can be overcome over time. We should try to create the best world possible that we can with the technology that does exist in the present. That is why creating such a market for cryptocurrency is so important, it will foster free trade throughout the world and empower people with financial freedom.

Written by VeritasSapere
(disclaimer: Article is a submission and not an in-house piece. Please contact http://exclusivecoin.pw/ for further information)

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