Pepecoin (PEPE): March 20 2016




For the most part I have only been charting well established coins throughout the 2016 altcoin boom. However I did cover CREDIT and DNET, and now PEPE. The reasons for this are not based on tech but market research and sentiment.


Just like CREDIT and DNET this new and improved PEPE is getting tweets from all the right people, the chart screams of accumulation, and the marketing engine seems to be getting going. The PEPE team has also grabbed our only advertising spot so they must mean business.


Look for PEPE to pump into an exchange add, retrace, then go for another big run. This is how most new launch whale coins get 10x gains and I expect this to do the same. The marketing is just hilarious and I actually look forward to seeing what tech side additions they do to entice bigger exchanges to add it.


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  1. Interesting stuff dj, wil keep an eye on it, thanx

  2. Heard about Pepe from my gf from memes online and stumbled across the ANN in the btc forums. Kept an eye on it early and slowly bought in as I noticed the dev’s involvemt in the forums. Really looking forward to a useful meme coin to replace doge. This has legs and seems to be hopping up the chart. Go Pepe.

  3. Haven’t seen this much positive activity on a new alt in a loooooong time. Interested in hearing more about the tech they plan on developing for this one.

  4. Dude some of those meme in the thread are hilarious! Fun to follow pepe memes and now a good coin, community is growing pretty quick. LOOK OUT DOGE hahahaa

  5. Ha Pepe lives on!!! I’m happy to see this meme become a coin.

    After reading this article I found the ANN post, the people there seem cool and responsible. Not at all like the trolls I pictured behind the coin. And yea as stated before. The Dev is very engaged. I been playing Alts on Bittrex but I’ll have to take a look at Pepe on C-Cex. Hope Bittrex takes notice. Doge had its day but Pepe is here to play!

  6. Seeing lots of fud on the trollbox for pepe, big clue that guys are trying to accumulate.

  7. The memecoins always cracked me up but for some reason they stick around, DOGE has gotten a bit tired with old tech plus huge bags manipulating the markets. This looks like some fresh blood in the mix, liking the active dev team and positive vibe that goes along with Pepe. Still mineable too and has a sustainable POS reward so it doesn’t overinflate. Thanks for writing an article about it and getting the word out!

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