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The team at EmpoEX has been making considerable changes we would like to share with the you. There has been an upgrade to our hardware and the site is 3x faster than it was a few weeks ago. We are delisting the majority of markets and focusing on bell weather markets, hot new coins, and unique crowdsource projects only.  There are new social media and advertising managers, and have no plans to abandon XEMP. We are very excited for the future and hope to see you all back again soon. The following is our BCT post regarding the future of XEMP:


As a part of the new improvements at EmpoEX the staff has removed the Distribution Tab function. This only effects XEMP holders. There are a couple of projects in the works that are far better tools for traders than distribution. EmpoEX took the time to consult with a couple of the larger cap holders and it was agreed that “what is best for the exchange is what’s best for XEMP”.


Far too many traders have commented on how Bittrex should discard the distribution tab, and since CCEX added theirs volume went up at Yobit. This is a way to encourage high cap traders to feel more comfortable depositing sizable funds at EmpoEX and also ends up being an upgrade for XEMP holders in the long run. It is 2am GMT on May 23 2016, the Price of XEMP is currently equal to the initial offering of 100sats.


~EmpoEX Staff

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