PIVX (11.26.17)

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The top chart shows just how high PIVX is from its foundation, and thus the importance of this formation to be a “spring” and not another round of selling. A number of spike lows have made great support and it’s essential that it holds.


The bottom chart shows price “breaking out” in a very tepid fashion. Price seems low enough to take a stab at it and afford the option of a stop-loss since one would not be entering in mid-trend. Buying the dip has more risk and more reward. The key is getting buying low enough to not get shaken out…or stop at new lows and buy the next dip. The downside could be fairly large still. Fortunately the PIVX Twitter account seems more active, the support mentioned above is holding, and as BTC makes new all time highs the past 48hours the price of PIVX has yet to sell off.


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