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AltSeason 2018???

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Most crypto traders are starving for an “AltSeason” so that the non BTC markets can rally off recent lows. The general theory for the last couple years is “as ETH goes, so goes the rest of the altcoin market”. If so, then history suggests that most altcoin markets are near their cyclical bottoms.

As seen in the chart, ETH has been bound to a number of key dates, and like clockwork it keeps repeating the pattern. This would suggest a higher low to made on the daily into solstice with the market turning upwards around Boxing Day. If ETH and other markets keep moving upwards and do follow LTC’s recent movements then it is a clear sign that a top is in for all markets much like the market movements in late 2013 & early 2014. Meaning in that situation, Alts would spike rally like LTC and top with BTC then all roll off with BTC.


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