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Visa is up well over 1000% from its lows during the 2008/9 financial crisis. The chart is a clear parabola and has shifted into top gear.

The corrective phase will begin in an environment of rising rates. This will result in the currently over leveraged public to tighten spending and thus reduce corporate profits. If the credit crunch continues this will lead to defaults and result in another leg down on the chart. How The Fed plays the first major corrective wave in the stock market will determine the health of credit companies, banks, and financial stocks.

The major takeaway from a chart like this is to newer traders is to a) buy the dips in times of major crisis b) average out of a position c) keep a small holding of profits in case the chart goes parabolic. This is exactly what good traders do with altcoins and what you should also do with stocks.



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Disclosure: The author has no positions open on Visa.

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