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Gold, USD vs The World

The XAUUSD chart (right) shows Gold priced in US Dollars continuing to show strength over the last 18 months of what seems like never ending global crisis situations.

Gold as seen in most non USD markets has made new all time highs (ATH’s). Canada is used as the comparative example because it is a G7 country and has a history of stable governments and resource development. The fact Gold is running away from the old ATH shows that every nation, even America, that risk happens fast.

Possible Cup & Handle

There is a case to made for a Cup & Handle (C&H) formation on the XAUCAD chart, and if so the measured move has recently reached its general target area. The Coronavirus wave is starting to wane in Canada and that could be a reason to cause a pull back from the C&H measured move high.

If the above were to happen that would result in some consolidation of the XAUUSD chart. That would create perfect conditions for the handle to form on the chart.

Unseen risk factors and/or more Coronavirus complications could create a more volatile upswing. However, for the time being there we want to only focus on the chart that is before us. The chart tells a detailed story and the unseen levels of debt & restructuring being piled on nations certainly can be the trigger for Gold priced in USD to make new ATH’s.


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