Litecoin: Le Rock 2.0

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A Pattern on Repeat

The chart speaks for itself, LTCBTC looks horrible if the pattern continues. The BTCUSD all time highs created a massive bear market in 2014 & 2018. In 2015 & 2019 LTC rallied on halving hype. In both cases price peaked well in advance, block halving was about 50% less price as the pre-halving rally, and then continued to decline. After both declines price then popped into a fakeout rally that ended up pushing further to the downside.

When Could it Break The Repetition?

The next sideways motion will create a market pivot point. Another breakdown will likely create the same pattern & measured move as before. The dominant bots/algos/market makers pushing the market have not been fine tuning the chart that is being painted. Until it invalidates itself it’s easy to assume the same results will continue to be duplicated.


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