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XRP Fractal of Doom (update)

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Why Won’t This Idea Die???

It’s comical at this point that these XRP market structures are continuing to repeat. It was fun 3 years ago, helpful 2 years ago, and down right bizzare last year that the XRPBTC bubbles have stayed near carbon copies of previous years. Why can this happen? In my opinion the largest market force and its algo/trading bot(s) are the same force and with little to no reprogramming of movement. Obvious assumption is a Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple funding connection.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

I am making this article just as I made most of the updates on the original Tradingview post, as seen HERE , which is at key pivot points. It seems crazy this continues to play out, and if it does decide to break away from the pattern it will be at a pivot point. In this situation the pivot point is defined as a turning point between 2 smaller market cycles within the greater bubble cycle. I believe this is a pivot time.

The data suggest XRPBTC is going to drift down and the next low may be “the low”. XRPUSD has also held shape fairly well. It also suggests a retrace into “the low”. This bubble cycle has been a bit longer which is a factor that can cause delay. The USD pairing suggests movement is possible in 6 weeks. The BTC pairing suggests movement is more likely in 6 months.

It’s been fun so far. Hopefully the next update is the one we’ve been waiting for.


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