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Ripple $XRP – Green Means Go?

Green Means Go?

Ripple - XRP
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Wow, that’s a beautiful replica of the previous consolidations and breakout. Even if this does not pan out, which I do believe it should, then it is at least a lesson in how markets are controlled by bots. Thus finding the patterns that occur in a market is extremely helpful when trying to guess the final destination of a trend. Currently the daily candles are green, there is a bullish EMA cross, and momentum indicators are overbought and ready to fly. Tight stops at the base of the breakout and add on the dips seems like the correct bullish thing to say right now. Happy trading!

Ripple $XRP Video – July 14, 2016


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Doge Coin

Doge Coin – The Suppressed Bull

The Suppressed Bull

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We have been following DOGE closely during this consolidation phase. If history repeats itself yet again then a bull market should be just around the corner. Coin Street News first covered the market in this video (watch here) and will continue to do so until the market resolves itself. Currently indicators are moving into overbought and BTC had finally cooled off. Is it time for the infamous #altsareback, I think perhaps for a little bit it is that time. Happy Trading.


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How to use Bitcoin Paper Wallets (Cold Storage)


Bitcoin Paper Wallets (Cold Storage)

On Aug 2 2016, the second largest Bitcoin Heist of all time took place, second to only the infamous Mt.Gox

A few members have asked about how to set up Cold Storage. This page explains how to make a Paper Wallet.

I chose this method because I find it to be the most secure. This is because it’s done offline, fast & easy.

Creating Paper Wallet

  1. Go to
  2. Then Disconnect the Internet (yes you can create Address’s offline)
  3. Unzip File and open generate-wallet.html
  4. You’ll have two options;
    1. Move around your mouse till Encryption is completed
    2. Type random Keys in the box.
  5. Chose your wallet Design from the drop-down menu.
  6. Tab 1- Calibrate Printer; You Print the Ruler and makes sure its correct on the Print. “Mine is almost never perfect, but it works”
  7. Tab 2- Print Front Side;
    1. Near the top Check the box” BIP38 Encrypt” Enter a Complex and long password and SAVE IT,
    2. Then hit the print button. I like to Save a PDF file and store it on CDs (USB is ok) and store it in a safe place a good idea would be to give 2-3 copies friends to just in case. They cant take your BTC unless you reveal your password,
    3. Print the paper wallet
  8. Tab 3- Print Back Side;
    1. Flip the wallet paper over, put it back in the printer Print.
    2. Then Cut it out if you’d like.
  9. Congrats, you have created an Offline Paper wallet!

 Deposit and withdrawal

To Deposit

  1. Scan your public address QR Code and send your BTC,
  2. Without a webcam or a mobile phone you can manually type in the Address. please be very careful,


To Withdraw

The fastest way is to use Mobile Bitcoin Wallet (Download here), in the settings theirs is a button to sweep the paper wallet. Scan the QR Code of the Private Key and then your done

The Bitcoin Core method
  1. Download the Bitcoin Core Wallet (Download here). It will have to sync up for a day or two if you haven’t already had a BTC Core wallet. Keep in mind, its about a 65GB Download.
  2. Once the Wallet is Synced, open the generate-wallet.html and go to the tab called “Validate or Decrypt” then enter or scan your private key.BTC Private keysIf you have set a BIP38 Encryption it will prompt you to enter it.
  3. Then it will process.
  4. In the meanwhile make sure you BTC wallet is Running
  5. If your BTC wallet is encrypted you will have to Decrypt your wallet buy going to Help/Debug Windows/Console. Use the command Right under. Replace YOUR PASSPHRASE. This will allow it to be unlocked for 900 seconds.
  6. walletpassphrase "YOUR PASSPHRASE" 900
  7. Go back to the Webpage that you used to validated your key, scroll down till you see the Private Key WIF. Replace YourPaperWalletPrivateKey with the WIF Key. Keep in mind when you enter it, the wallet will re-scan the Blockchain to look for transaction with this address. This will take some time,Private Key WIF
  8. importprivkey YourPaperWalletPrivateKey "OPTIONAL LABEL"
  9. Once scan is complete the BTC is now in your wallet, Do not reuse the paper wallet
  10. There are other wallets you can use. Here is a Link to a more in-depth Step-By-Step on how to Sweep a Paper Wallet.

If you have any further questions please leave a comment Below


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Bitcoin (BTC) as a Wyckoff Price Structure

Wyckoff Price Structure


The Wyckoff market models are an invaluable tool for traders. I highly recommend you know them inside and out. With that in mind there is such an incredibly large amount of info, charts, and stats that could be used to compile this article. It seems far easier to explain with a 5min video than rather than 2000 words of typeset,  that’s just boring. Below is a chart that represents an overview of the information in the video. After you are done viewing do not forget to subscribe to the CSN YouTube channel for instant updates.


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July 9th, 2016

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