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It is rather difficult to get excited about any particular new project launching in the world of digital currency, as there are far too many to keep track of these days. When I saw the announcement of a new crypto news source pop up on BitcoinTalk, I was getting slightly intrigued. And my interest grew when I found out they would launch an altcoin with it. Meet KingdomCoin and AltcoinKingdom!

The person behind both sides of this project is none other than ThisWeeksCoin, a name known far and wide in the cryptocurrency scene. With their history of successful altcoin promotions, and a forum stacked with information, they will be able to put all of their previous experiences to good use for the AltcoinKingdom project.

The ThisWeeksCoin project will cease to exist in its current form, and rebranding to AltcoinKingdom will take place in the near future. The TWC forum, which counts over 1,800 registered users, will be wiped clean, and a new forum will take its place. All users will be thanked for their loyal support, which is a nice gesture.

As far as social media goes, the famous @ThisWeeksCoin Twitter account will be used for official AltcoinKingdom business. With their immense list of followers, this Twitter account will push AltcoinKingdom in the right direction from the get go, and bring massive attention to this new project from day one.

More exposure to AltcoinKingdom comes in the form of paying for media coverage. Press releases will be sent out to the world’s most famous news sources, including Bloomberg, Reuters and Yahoo Finance. These expenses will be covered thanks to the KingdomCoin ICO (see below).

Creating a cryptocurrency news site is one thing, but who will be providing the content? From what we can gather, there will be at least three people involved, including CryptoArticles owner & Senior Editor Jdebunt, who will become AltcoinKingdom’s Senior Editor.

I did mention there will be an ICO for KingdomCoin, which is to be held on the C-Cex exchange. More information about the ICO will be announced over the next few days, so make sure to keep an eye on the announcement thread on Bitcoin Talk.

All of the collected ICO funds will be used to pay for various expenses during the first year of operations. Like I said before, those expensive press releases are part of the funds distribution, as well as paying staff, marketing, and various other things.

As far as the technical specifications for KING go, they are as follows :

Algorithm: X13 -(blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue)
Ticker: KING
Total supply: 2.417.600 KING
Max POW Height: 20160 ( 14 days in total )
Block Time: 60 seconds
PoS Interest: 2.5% per year
Min stake Age: 2.5 hours
ICO pre-mine is 30%, 750000 coins will be up for sale.
Difficulty retargets every block
The first 100 blocks will have a “0 coins” block reward in order to ensure a fair launch.
The very first block will contain the pre-mine, which is sold during the ICO.

Two exchanges have confirmed to list KING so far : C-Cex and EmpoEx.

(disclaimer: Article is a submission and not an in-house piece. Please contact here for further information)

CSN Premium Membership & DTC (DayTraderCoin) Burn


The Coin Street News Trade & TA group, which is lead by Twitter’s @djThistle01 will now be providing a premium membership.

Memberships will be payable in BTC. We were going to accept DTC (DayTraderCoin) only, but we thought of a unique way to increase the value of DTC instead.

How it Works: When a person pays for membership they will pay in BTC. Shortly after that CSN send the corresponding amount of DTC to a public wallet address. Then, on a monthly basis we will burn the corresponding amount of DTC until a good chunk of our DTC is gone, thus raising the value over time. Also, once a month CSN will be running a contest and the winner of the contest will win free entry into the group for a couple of weeks.

Why a Premium Membership
Crypto has less volume lately, and the action in the stock, currency, and commodities markets are far too tempting to be ignored. The group will focus on BTC, personal trading strategies, a central trade fund, in depth TA lessons, and the expansion into real world options trading. The DOW has been on a very long bull run, Japan has slipped into recession, oil is down, etc…it is most certainly a rare opportunity of extreme volatility on the horizon.

Fees(short overview)
Basic Membership: 1 time fee of 0.25BTCgets you 1) Access to Video Lessons, 2) some tips, 3) open skype chat, and 4) limited 1-on-1 time

Premium Membership:
A monthly fee gets you 1) focused BTC TA & Trade tips, 2) help developing your own personalized trading strategy, 3) access to our central trading fund, 4) in depth TA lessons, and 5) the expansion into real world options/stock trading.

Dec 1: Market Conditions / Bittrex

dec 1 bittrex

Bittrex is now open for trading again. As the picture above shows, Bittrex had another unplanned outage today. It looks to be yet another day of volume in the 400-500BTC range. Considering 1000BTC a day was considered very low a few weeks ago the atlcoins that survive will have strong communities behind them. When the next BTC bubbles rise and fall I believe the altcoins that survive this round of low volume will be the strong new markets moving forward.

BTC has been going sideways for days. The wedge is very tight, BBands tightening, 1D MACD has gone green, StochRSI is oversold, and the FBI auction is only days away. Something is going to happen soon and the result should be swift in either direction.

One would assume that if BTC is going to breakout that LTC, DRK, NMC, etc, should follow. Mainly because they have not performed well recently, thus the statistical averages come into play, eg: they need to pump up sooner than later due to the time already lost.

Bitcoin (BCT):Nov 28 2014

BTC nov 28 CSN

Far too many signs pointed to this sell off, and they were noted in the charts leading up to today. People spending BTC on Black Friday means retailers will sell off, well…other than and a few others. However, the next FBI BTC auction is about a week away. One would expect higher prices near the auction for price, and lower prices on Black Friday due to retailers converting to fiat.

The chart above shows all major support & trendlines outside of indicated FIB Levels. About 12hrs ago, shortly after the 4H open and closed under major support there was just over 10:1 longs vs shorts on Bitfinex. Those positions had to get shaken out.

DayTraderCoin (DTC) is now on Bittrex


DayTraderCoin (DTC) has just been added to Bittrex. If you missed the previous press releases DTC is going to be used as an exclusive coin for multiple trade services, bot & software developers, and this website’s pay-as-you-go lessons & tips section. We are currently working with our partners to to see what payment processor works best for the services being provided. CSN plans to expand into stock, fx,and options trading in the future, which will only drive more traffic to the website. Though a BTC payment tab will be installed, the coin will still be converted to DTC.


Coin Street News adds DTC as exclusive form of payment
DTC’s Role in TA Service Merger

DTC is traded on the following exchanges:



Coin Market Cap

DayTraderCoin (DTC) is now CSN’s exclusive form of payment.


Coin Street News, CSN is proud to announce it has entered into an exclusive partnership with DayTraderCoin. The majority of our services will be settled in DTC not BTC. This includes our private TA group, consulting fees, and trading tips.

Much of the material contained within the private forum will become available to the public through a pay-as-you-go payment processor (e.g. instead of joining the group you can spend, let’s say, 0.05BTC or (xxx)DTC and receive the daily picks. Or you can purchase a tutorial video the same way). The private videos have made most of the CSN members much better traders, we look forward to sharing our methods with you all. We plan on giving a discount if you pay in DTC instead of BTC. If you pay in BTC the funds will be converted to DTC shortly after from the website itself.

CSN has many interested parties that wish to sell trading software through the website as well. Once the payment processor is fully functional we will release a more detailed description of how the pay-as-you-go system works.

Coin Street News membership merger


I am pleased to announce that I have merged my TA Group, Lessons/Teaching material, and Private Consulting with Coin Street News (CSN), and moving forward all of my fees and services will be settled in DTC (DayTraderCoin), not BTC (Bitcoin). DayTraderCoin has a great team behind it and I am willing to hold DTC as long as I’m providing trading services.

It is very exciting to be able to work with exceptional chartists in such an innovative atmosphere. And, I can’t wait to start working with stocks, options, and commodities! Crypto is fun, but there is no reason profits from crypto shouldn’t go into other markets during BTC bearmarkets. BTC went down over $1000 from the all time high during the bear market of this cycle. There is great potential for good traders to take some crypto profits and grow them through options trading. I look forward to expanding my scope and providing my followers, clients, and services with profitable trades.

Coin Street News expansion


Coin Street News (CSN) is expanding! @DJThistle01, @Cryptonomics, and @Crypt0cracy are the contributing columnists. Cryptonomics and Crpt0cracy have been Thistle’s most trusted BTC chartists for some time, thus a slam dunk addition to the team.

As an added feature to the public charts CSN will be adding a payment processor for each editor. The aim is to create a pay-as-you-go chart tips system. Rather than joining an expensive group when you have a busy life, you can buy the daily trend tips at a reasonable price during the time you do have to trade. Submitted bio’s & Thistle’s press release below:

Hello, I am djthistle. I actually am a dj/producer/engineer, but it turned out I was good at reading charts. I run multiple TA Teaching groups and do private consulting. I enjoy watching people become better traders, and I am excited to be part of the expanded team.

My name is Cryptonomics, I’m a technical analyst and bot developer. I started in crypto but recently have been expanding to forex markets. I look forward to bringing my skill set to people interested in learning what I have to bring to the table.

Crypt0cracy is a self proclaimed crypto anarchyst. He is an accountant during the day and daytrader at night. His expertise at spotting daily market trends has proven accurate to become Thistle’s go to BTC chartist. I look forward to sharing my insights with you all, keep calm and trade on.

Crypto Exchange Volumes

Crypto Exchange Volumes CSN

This chart show where the most volume for BTC and Altcoin trading can be found. Volume is crucial to getting in and out of trades safely. The live updated version can be found here:

Exclusive Coin (EXCL)

Exclusive Coin logo

Exclusive coin is a true cryptocurrency for the new crypto economy that is currently emerging in the world. Born out of the frustration felt by its developer Kingscrown when witnessing the rise and fall of countless other currencies. Kingscrown wanted to show the world that such cryptocurrencies can indeed succeed, and would not succumb to the same problems others did. In order to achieve this Exclusive coin was ingeniously designed to resists the effects of the various dangers that exist for newborn cryptocurrencies before they grow and mature.

Exclusive coin started out as an ICO, were anyone would be free to purchase the coins before the cryptocurrency was actually launched. The coins for the ICO where mined with the first block, and the blocks beyond that free for anybody to mine. This way exclusive coin has build a strong community, who share in the belief of this currency, and in the early days this is very important, since it gives the coin stability and legitimacy. Since the value of any currency is based on the believe of its participants. Having delivered on all of its promises and beyond, and maintaining at least twice the value of its original ICO price for its entire lifetime. Exclusive coin has now indeed proven itself to be a truly fair and transparent cryptocurrency for the new emerging crypto economy.

In the new decentralized economy reputation is very important. In centralized systems we have to trust third parties. However in the new decentralized economy without a trusted third party reputation takes its place. You could not find many people in the world with a better reputation in the cryptocurrency community then the developer Kingscrown going back over three years. With much experience gained working along side the development teams of the HBN, COL and LGD cryptocurrencies.

With only eight coins being released with every block mined and proof of work phase ending in 4 years exclusive coin is actually very scarce. That combined with the dedicated group of large holders makes it much more difficult for exclusive coin to succumb to the various market manipulations that exist. While at the same time allowing for a more fair distribution of the currency.

Another important factor that gives any currency its value is its active use in commerce. That is why exclusive coin was created in order to serve its own exclusive market, supplying discounted items that can only be purchased with Exclusive coin. Since it has been made public anyone is now also able to sell their own mining equipment on the exclusive market, even discounted prices for exclusive hotels are now available on the market. Among many more interesting and unique products.

Many economists believe that a small amount of inflation is actually better for an economy. Exclusive coin provides that by being two percent proof of stake, which means that there is only a two percent increase in the money supply per year, after the proof of work phase is complete. The generation of new currency is awarded to the stake holders of the currency which acts in the same way that a two percent interest would for the holders of the currency. Unlike Bitcoin which is deflationary in its nature and can be considered more like a commodity in the way that it behaves, much like gold. Exclusive coin is an inflationary currency making it more suitable for markets and the global economy. Therefore Bitcoin could be used more like a gold standard would but in the global cryptocurrency economy.

The ideal crypto economy is one where many currencies are free to exist. So that the people have the freedom of choice of what currency and economic model they wish to adopt. It is this voluntarism that Bitcoin itself stands for. This is an expression of democracy and freedom. That is why we need alternative cryptocurrencies like Exclusive coin and many more, since this is what creates a more healthy crypto economy were a free market of currencies can exist.

Bitcoin and the emerging crypto economy is truly a revolution, and it will change the world. This is only the beginning. Much of our politics today is ruled by money, therefore the power to change the very nature of money itself and placing that power in the hands of the people for the first time in history is very significant. Block chain technology has the potential to improve our lives in many ways, and bring the world together. The Exclusive coin market is just a small example of this, how products are being sold from across the United States to Europe and even Africa, using a cryptocurrency that can be mined with your graphics card. That is why in the new crypto economy that is ruled by the free market and the freedom of choice. I choose to adopt a cryptocurrency that is fair and transparent, well thought out, and will continue to be developed and used by the people with freedom for many years to come. Indeed Exclusive coin is a true cryptocurrency of many that can help change the world.

Written by VeritasSapere

EXCL web page

(disclaimer: Article is a submission and not an in-house piece. Please contact for further information)

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