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qslvHello Day Traders,

There has been wild price action on QSLV of late, lots of hints of very positive news coming, and the most bullish being the hard floor established after the last market move. QSLV might be our pick of the week…where is that wink icon, hmmm, oh no I’m still typing.

BTC-BC (Blackcoin) Timeline

New Blackcoin (BC) Trading Pairs on Bittrex

Above is a screenshot of Blackcoin (BC) and the new BC trading pairs on Bittrex, which have a noticable bias towards “Anon” feature coins. This is a clear indication of what is worth trading in the next BTC and AltCoin bubble. Though it would seem obvious that holding some BC would be advisable, it is the coins initially chosen for pairing that is intreguing.

Anon feature coins do have some of the longest lasting market pumps, and their overall value tends to trend upwards over time. This new addition makes it that much easier for market movers to accumulate coins and take to them to the BTC pairing for traditional bull market moves.

CLOAK, DOGE, DRK, KEY, LTC, RZR, XDQ, and XMR are the ticker symbols to research.

BTC-HAL (Halcyon) Timeline


Rooting around for new Altcoins we came across Halcyon (HAL) on Bittrex. There was a high hash rate “ninja launch” on BCT, lots of rumors regarding coming tech upgrades, and the chart is flashing some signals too.

The chart shows a large spike shortly after the coin came out, it fell to safe levels, and then clear accumulation occurred. The price has been stepping up slowly. We are expecting a run at the ATH again and we expect it to break. However, this is crypto and ANYTHING can happen. We always advise caution, but this is looking like a lower risk play than some other Altcoins. This is slow dollars and not fast nickels. Happy Trading.

Crypto Market Trends

Bitcoin & Altcoin Market Conditions

After a sideways price action this summer volume dropped on Altcoin Exchanges in early August followed by a steep seel off that has seemed to have reached bottom on August 18. The 1D candle switch from the 18th to the 19th has seen a signifigent rally that is leading many to assume that a new BTC bubble is just around the corner.

If a new bubble is looming it is time to start accumulating Altcoins, but which ones? BTC is the king of all markets and drives the price action. LTC, PPC, & NMC are classic “Blue Chip Alts” that tend to rise with BTC. Additions to these traditional plays would be any of the “Anon” coins, with a focus on DRK if it continues it’s current trend. BC seems to have risen from the ashes in recent days with a lot of good news stories and the addition of new BC trading pairs on Bittrex.

BTC seemed to be on course for long sideways accumulation phase, but this recent flash crash is more like the last couple of bubble patterns which all started with a large shakeout before entering into a bull market.

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