Ledger: eCommerce & Marketing Database Leak

Security Notice

Our ecommerce and marketing database leaked, we immediately fixed the breach. Contact and order details were involved. Your funds are safe. 

What happened?

On the 14th of July 2020, a computer researcher that participated in our bug bounty program notified us of a potential data breach on the Ledger website. We immediately fixed the breach after receiving the researcher’s report and undertook an internal and external investigation of the situation. While conducting the investigation, we discovered an unauthorized third party had gained access to customer information.   

What personal information was involved?

Contact and order details were involved. This is mostly the email address of our customers. Further to investigating the situation we have also been able to establish that, for a subset of customers were also exposed: first and last name, postal address, phone number and ordered products. Due to the scope of this breach and our commitment to our customers, we have decided to inform all of our customers about this situation.

Payment information, credentials (passwords) or crypto funds are not impacted by this data breach. This data breach has no link nor impact on our hardware wallets and the Ledger Live application. Your crypto assets are safe and are not in peril.

What we have done, what we are doing

We have taken immediate action on 14th of July 2020, to resolve the data breach. 

On the 17th of July, we notified the CNIL — the French Data Protection Authority — about this data breach and are continuing to work with authorities throughout the legal process.

We are continuously monitoring for evidence of our customers’ contact details being disclosed on the internet, and have found none thus far. We also performed an internal penetration test.

We are currently in the process of filing a complaint before the French public prosecutor regarding the unauthorized access and we will support law enforcement investigation.

We are extremely regretful for this incident. We take privacy very seriously, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this matter may cause you.

What you can do

We recommend you exercise caution — always be mindful of phishing attempts by malicious scammers.

As a reminder, Ledger will never ask you for the 24 words of your recovery phrase. If you receive an email that looks like it came from Ledger asking for your 24 words, you should definitely consider it a phishing attempt.

We suggest you visit Ledger Academy security section to educate yourself on general security principles and more precisely our article about phishing attacks.

Pascal Gauthier, Ledger CEO

CSN Content Changes

Our goal is to make the website more of a 1 stop shop for information gathering, news, and market analysis.

We have added a Coin Market Cap page, Bitcoin Mining Calculator, and the beginnings of charting tools. More market cap resources and charting & sentiment tools will be rolled out over the coming months.

Written content will also be changing. Most AltCoins will be covered at https://therealaltseason.com/ & https://twitter.com/RealAltSeason. This site will focus more on Bitcoin, Top-20 Market Cap coins, Golds & Silver, Technical Analysis, News, Tutorials, and Market Tools.

I hope you enjoy the changes and new tools to help you on your trading journey.

Bitcoin COT & Data (Week Ending July 17)

Data Summary

Commitment of Traders Report:

  • Dealers still have no Long positions and are 100% Short
  • Institutions clawed back last week’s Longs
  • Nonreportable Positions cut some Longs for the first time in a while
  • Leveraged Funds added Longs and trimmed Shorts for the first time in a while

Bitcoin Hash Rate 7 day rolling average with a small pullback after making new highs last week.

Fear & Greed steady at 44 again this week. Still doubtful anything over 50 holds until $98XX is broken with volume.

Bitcoin COT Report

Bitcoin Hash Rate 7 Day Average

Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index


Sports, Real Social Justice, and Collectible Value

Name Changes Pending

Everyone has heard of the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins name change. This will shift to other teams, and the Edmonton Eskimos are currently the next in line.

Do First Nations People Support the Changes?

The answers is Yes & No, so, it’s complicated.

A 2016 Washington Post poll found “9 out of 10 Native Americans said they were not offended by the ‘Redskins’ moniker”.

A UC Berkeley poll in February 2020 found that 49% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the name was offensive. That number jumped to 67% for those “frequently engaged in tribal cultural practices.”

That’s a BIG difference in numbers. Why?

The 2016 Poll was 500 people of only Native American heritage. The 2020 poll was a mix of races and conducted on the other side of the country from the team in question. Regional differences and true interest in the team seem to play a part.

Regardless of these numbers the Redskins are changing, but this does tell us a lot about Edmonton’s data.

Edmonton is not Washington DC

The Edmonton Eskimos have spent time and money surveying people in Canada’s north to get a true feel for the situation. The most recent study came back inconclusive to a name change because so many people in Canada’s north wanted to keep the name.

The Data

“…research found 78 per cent of the western Arctic Inuit oppose changing the name. That support fell to 55 per cent of Inuit in Nunavut and to 31 per cent of Inuit in the eastern Arctic.

Just like Washington we see support near the team and it fade with distance. At 78% support in the western Arctic, which is closest to Edmonton, there is strong support for “their” team. As show in the picture above many people have no problem with the word.

Eskimos Still Changing?

Regardless of the strong support in the western Arctic for the 2nd most winning team in CFL history there is now 2 of the 12 major team sponsors leaning on the team to make a change. This essentially means that advertisers are trying to maintain good public imaging and calling the shots, and not the actual people they are trying to protect/support.

TSN has reported that the team will announce a name change next week. This seems very possible as the team is not denying the rumor as pressure grows from advertisers.

Do Real Voices Matter?

Kenneth Ruben, in Paulatuk, N.W.T., posted a message to politicians on Facebook, saying “We as ‘the real Eskimos,’ want the name to remain!!” His post has since been shared nearly 600 times.

“Nunavut has a housing crisis, so does the Northwest Territories. Our cost of food has just gone absolutely crazy. The suicide rates in both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are among the highest in Canada.”

“I really think that these politicians should put their efforts elsewhere and concentrate on things that affect our people more than a name, a moniker on a sports franchise that has nothing to do with insulting our people,” Ruben said.

Jenna Palituq, from Clyde River, Nunavut, said Eskimo is a generational word that’s fine by her. “They’re known all over the world as Edmonton Eskimos and they are representing and making a name for the Eskimos,” Palituq said.

Erin Pameolik, from Coral Harbour, Nunavut, said she’d be disappointed if the football team changed its name. “I would be, because I’m known as an Eskimo and they’re good representation for us Inuit.”

Those are a few quotes found over the years.

Who Decides? Advertisers Apparently.

Of course there are many in the Arctic that do not support the name, especially in the East, but this is the question…..Who decides what?

Should things like this be left open to people 1000’s of miles away, the Team and it’s local fan base of impacted people, a mix of both, or some other option?

Name changes are empty actions when the people themselves are still being marginalized. Name changes are empty actions when the majority of the people impacted are supportive but advertisers are trying to get “woke money”. It’s OK to change the names, ALL OF THEM, but only if “we” really mean it and are going to do more than just slap a new logo on an old problem.

Collectible Pieces of History

With name changes abound collectors, fans, and enthusiasts will all want pieces of memorabilia for collections and galleries. Much of the online stock is very limited right now, especially hats.

Sport Check has the most amount of Eskimos gear that I can find in Canada. Amazon seems the best for the Redskins gear in America.

The Edmonton Eskimos have won the 2nd most Grey Cups in Canadian history and are an integral part of Edmonton’s “City of Champions” era. For these reasons I think collectors are going to buy up merchandise.


MASSIVE Crypto-Twitter Hack & Scam Alert (Developing)

…and it keep growing.

What started off as a small post and warning to an account hack is turning into a rapidly escalated affair.

How it Began

This first anomaly was this now deleted tweet from a clearly compromised @angeloBTC account

This was confirmed a scam by @CryptoCobain…

…but unfortunately many BTC were lost in the process. But wait, there’s more!

Here we can see the hacked Angelo account RT this Tweet from a compromised @Binance account.

Now we see the same Tweet popping up all around major Crypto-Twitter accounts. So what is happening? A major flaw from Twitter itself or hackers that waited to do a large scale coordinated attack?

Lessons from this is to not send anyone money today until you completely verify. There is NEVER a rush, so if it’s “to good to be true” it probably is. Don’t Trust, Verify!

Here are some of the bigger accounts impacted.

And the list goes on and on. There is LOADS of low follow accounts impacted as well. The scope of this is fairly large. Yikes!

Coin Desk reporting on the hack while not mentioning themselves in the Tweet at least added some humor to the situation.

@IamNomad makes a good point…..

…..as does @zackvoell

Twitter needs to fix this ASAP as it’s getting out of control.

On the plus side, this is so brazen and obvious that the market has not reacted to it yet. These people could have shorted the market and used these accounts to create panic around blockchain problems or worse. One would assume these are not rich hackers as they are trying to take money and not leverage their wealth against market FUD.

Stay safe. DO NOT send anyone money. Monitor your accounts and password security. Good Luck everyone!

Update #1

Rumor is that Twitter employee panel was hacked.

Update #2

In the midst of the largest hack in Twitter history they decide to roll out a new DM feature like nothing is happening. Holy wow, like….really? LOL. Brutal!

Update #3: Justin Sun Offering a $1 Million Bounty

“We are working closely with Twitter to resolve this issue immediately and return our accounts to normal. We are always vigilant in the handling our accounts; operating safely and responsibly — taking the security of our accounts to the highest standards possible. This only further illuminates the urgent need for our society to adopt decentralized, trustless software and services.”

Update #4: “Blue Check Mark” accounts can not tweet.

Update #5: Verified accounts can Tweet again.


Today’s original article here:

(UPDATE) @AngeloBTC, @Binance, @CZ_Binance, Twitter Accounts Compromised. DO NOT Send Money

$40,000 in Less Than an Hour

In a now deleted Tweet hackers asked for 0.1BTC and received roughly 4.5BTC in a matter of minutes. This is a confirmed hack. Please DO NOT send money and report the account until it is confirmed to be back under its original ownership.

Binance & CZ also Hacked (updates #2 & 3)

This Tweet was preceded by a similar tweet that was RT’ed by the hacked Angelo account(see below). It was deleted and replaced with the following. Please DO NOT send any money!

Gemini also Compromised (update #4)

“Don’t Trust, Verify” seems very applicable today.


Bitcoin, the S&P500, and the Coronavirus

Correlation, and Case Loads

Though I could ramble on with nuance details about these 4 charts it’s actually a very simple relationship between Bitcoin, the S&P500, and the Coronavirus.

Chart 1 shows that during uncertain times Bitcoin and the S&P500 are very correlated.

Chart 2 shows the S&P in pullback mode with the supports & gaps outlined. The market is pulling back for 2 reasons. It has been in an unabated raise since the last bottom and American Coronavirus cases are spiking.

Chart 3 shows the rise in cases but no rise in deaths yet. I believe the market is pricing in a rise in deaths the last 10 days. The time it takes from transmission to death means that the death chart should start to rise this week if there is a correlation.

If the death chart does not significantly rise in the next 14 to 17 days then the markets will likely start debating a risk-on atmosphere again. A lack of significant rise would likely be attributed to the age group of those getting the virus.

What’s Driving the New Deaths Per Day Chart?

The Spring wave really impacted the elderly. This early Summer wave has an average infection age nearly 20 years lower than the spring. This has been attributed to protests in some areas, and in other areas not.

Generally speaking American youth are not taking the virus as seriously as their international counterparts and the data shows it. This is a Federal, State, Municipal, and Family problem. There has been little in the way of strong leadership across the board.


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