TradingView adds Poloniex Markets: Mar 27 2016

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…”and they shall rejoice” hahaha. But seriously, TradingView adding Poloniex Altcoin charts is a game changer for traders. Poloniex has margin trading and because of that the majority of altcoin volume. Now we are at a point when these volatile, high volume, margin markets are subject to the best tools a trader can throw at them. This will pull even more new money into these markets. Great job TradingView!


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The Risk of LISK: March 20 2016



This is an open letter to the LISK project. You just closed out one of the most successful ICO’s in crypto history. Though we as a greater community can not force you to do anything we HIGHLY encourage you to learn from the Ethereum Projects mistakes.


They raised about 35 000 Bitcoins and got in the habit of selling off about 5000 Bitcoins at a time. When they sold their holdings it had a brutal market effect that dragged down the price of BTC each time they sold. Not only is this irresponsible from a crypto community point of view but it also hurts early investors.


I say this because no matter how revolutionary a project it is the real value that people trade, which is often the ALT/BTC pair and not the ALT/USD pair. Therefore if you crowdfund, then sell off your BTC and drag the price of BTC down, early investors are now stuck with a depreciating asset and it is depreciating 100% due to the actions of the project itself.


I highly doubt the chain reaction is considered because so few projects ever raise so much capital in the first place. But with that said you, LISK, have raised a staggering amount of capital and we the greater community charge you with the task of learning from Ethereum’s mistake. Sell off 100-200 BTC a day on 4 or 5 different exchanges if need be. But selling off 1000’s at a time just hurts everyone.


Not to mention the bleeding obvious situation that Bitcoin is set for a halving in a few months. This means that a higher daily base price is needed for mining to be profitable and in turn provide the highest levels of network security. In a nut shell, the math dictates BTC on an upwards curve over time and thus one more reason not to just sell off all your BTC now.


Good job raising a huge amount of funds for your project…..but hey, “with great power comes great responsibility”, don’t screw it up!


Pepecoin (PEPE): March 20 2016



For the most part I have only been charting well established coins throughout the 2016 altcoin boom. However I did cover CREDIT and DNET, and now PEPE. The reasons for this are not based on tech but market research and sentiment.


Just like CREDIT and DNET this new and improved PEPE is getting tweets from all the right people, the chart screams of accumulation, and the marketing engine seems to be getting going. The PEPE team has also grabbed our only advertising spot so they must mean business.


Look for PEPE to pump into an exchange add, retrace, then go for another big run. This is how most new launch whale coins get 10x gains and I expect this to do the same. The marketing is just hilarious and I actually look forward to seeing what tech side additions they do to entice bigger exchanges to add it.


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DayTraderCoin (DTC): March 19 2016


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There was full intent to roll out some new features this month, but as mentioned in the previous article the health issues in my family took me away from all aspects of trading and development. I do have a few awesome updates for you today though. A couple of months ago a few people from within the CSN trading group stepped forward to help with tech development and their hard work is now all in beta testing.


With the extra added help more has been accomplished than was originally planned. The next couple of months will see the roll out of DTC webstore, node set up page, block explorer, and with the explorer the ability to do a coin burn and properly verify the action to provide the highest level of trust. I have also contacted Bittrex to be the 3rd party that destroys the coins and they have agreed, thank you.


As of now most of the future plans hinge on the working payment processor. Full disclosure is that it has been built but is only now entering beta testing. If that all works out then we then have the tools to think about the planned expansion into the music industry. We would most likely partner with an exchange then do an airdrop to confirmed artists and record labels before launching.


Technically speaking the chart above looks ripe to roll out news for a couple of months. The weekly MACD has crossed over and is above zero. The StochRSI is crossing over again and avoided going into undersold, and the Parabolic SAR still points to a bullish trend. Another really great thing to see is that the all-time volume profile is bullish. It is no secret that most altcoins dump into oblivion. Not the case with DTC and we plan to keep that streak alive.



Back to Business: March 19 2016



Hello! Sorry for the break in reading material. There was some health problems in my family that took my time away from the public website and the private membership updates as well. I got some great articles lined up though. The calls on the site have been producing great returns and I hope to keep that train rolling along. Giddy up!



DayTraderCoin (DTC): Feb 29 2016



Today is a big update for the DayTraderCoin project. The 3 pillars of the project are supply & demand economics, technological development for a user interface, and an expansion into the music industry as per the professional occupation of multiple investors. All the pillars will have an update at once for a change.


The most important announcement has to do with supply side dynamics. As promised DTC will be reducing its coin supply and CSN will be expanding payment services with more partnership looking to announce soon. As of today Feb 29th DTC is committed to keeping the supply under 1Million coins with a minimum targeted reduction of 20%. The First burn will take place in early March.


The key to a reduction in supply is an increase in service. With that in mind priorities have been shuffled. The Club is going under some renovations and the music series is on pause. With the extra time the effort will go towards the sourcing of a payment processor so that CSN and other websites can accept DTC as payment.  CSN is excited so many things have come together in the past month. The project is on track and the 1W price chart looks great.


The MACD is crossed up and trending over zero. The StochRSI is crossed upwards. The Parabolic SAR is bullish as the market found a hard bottom the past 2 weeks and is popping over resistance now. The Heiken Ashi chart is in a bullish pivot and the volume looks nice on that chart. Reducing Supply, Increasing Demand, DTC is well worth a purchase in today’s bullish altcoin market.



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Shadowcoin (SDC): Feb 13 2016

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Long story short…..SDC is experiencing a strong sell off on the news that the math behind the coin is effectively broken to a degree. You can read more here


From a Technical perspective this news broke just as the 1W chart had starting to flip to bullish. The saving grace at this point that the volume is not all that large. If the team can address the issue this will end up being a profitable shakeout for gamblers that bought. However, if they do not properly address the issue than bear bots will grind it down much farther over the course of time.



DayTraderCoin: Jan 31 2016



As of today the DayTraderCoin Slack Channel will be open to the general public. This includes but is not limited to, public channels, CSN membership channel(s), and the DTC Boardroom. In the very near future there will be channels that have fees payable in DTC. Paid channels may include breaking news, altcoin plays, and the mid term astrological forecast.


These types of tools are meant to give people an extra edge on the market. Therefore a small fee should be incurred and paying in DTC is a great way to support the market. If you want to join the public(free) room you can Contact Us via the website. Or, it may be faster if you look to the right of the screen, click on my twitter profile, and send me a DM there.


The DTC & CSN Slack chat is meant for learning, networking, and being exposed to new ways to look at markets. We look forward to seeing you in the chat! You can purchase DTC on Bittrex.






DayTraderCoin: Jan 28 2016



One of the three target markets for DayTraderCoin growth is the music community. There is a plethora of dead “music” coins, yet somehow DTC continues to raise the bar in the crypto-to-music industry relationship. As of today DTC is proudly announces the change of our DrumN’Bass monthly to weekly Bass Music event (DnB, Dub, Breaks, Garage, Trap, etc) which will a significant boost in exposure.


There will be an update to this post on the weekend as we hope to solidify some future partnerships in the coming days based on the launch of the weekly music series. The DTC community is focusing on outreach to indi music labels, the expansion of music services to market include more youthful promoters, and ways to implement blockchain technology to meet the needs of the average musician.


This is not an overnight venture as the intertwining of crypto and real world projects is never easy. But at the end of the day DTC is providing the most honest and in depth attempt to develop the relationship between crypto and the music industry thus far. On top of the expanding trader outreach services and the looming supply reduction of an already low count coin the future of DTC is one of the most promising in the crypto sphere.


You can purchase DTC on Bittrex or Contact Us for bulk orders if the market is too thin.

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