Paycoin (XPY): Dec 22 2014

dec 22 xpy





Paycoin (XPY) has topped on wave number 3. Now the waiting begins. We have seen at least a 50% correction on the last 2 tops, so it will be interesting to see if that happens again.  Generally, when price is allowed to wave 3 times it finishes with a 4th before going into a bear market. Tread lightly as the 4th wave is usually a blow off top, and in so means the deadcat bounce is the only decent exit point if you get caught chasing the price at the end of the 4th wave.

Bitcoin (BTC): Dec 20 2014

brc dec 20 21 2014







If a pictures says a thousand words, then here you go. Plain & simple, if BTC is not trending up by Feb 09 2015 then I would have minor concern for the price until all remaining auction and Mt.Gox found coins (about 200K BTC) are in new hands. It would strongly suggest a low of more than 90% of the all time high.

Bitcoin (BTC): Dec 20 2014

btc dec 20






Yesterday I examined the bearish case for BTC, though I think it has some momentum moving into Christmas anyways. However, if the peanut gallery is correct and we are starting a new bull market it has to start somewhere. I think we are in a bullish phase of a bear market, but let us examine “what if”.

The chart is showing us that if tomorrows price opens above the trendline that BTC would be in a very familiar fractal. The 1D MACD is trying to go green, the trendline is broken, and coming off of the bottom there is a 9day up trend pattern. Good luck BTC, you’ll need it.

Bitcoin (BTC) Dec 19 2014

btc dec 19  channel






BTC has been in a well defined channel for sometime now. I am not very bullish right now, mainly due to the fact that the retrace off of the last high went below 61% to the 76% FIB retrace line. Any news can come out and change that, but for now the bears are in control.

I expect more volatility, but eventually the candles will open above the upper yellow trendline and pump top around Christmas.

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