Aug 22Indians 1.59correct0.59
Aug 23Indians 1.39incorrect-0.41
Bayern 2.07correct0.66
A's 1.72correct1.38
Aug 24 Cubs 1.71correct2.09
Aug 25White Sox 1.40correct2.49
Aug 26Cubs 1.70incorrect1.49
Aug 27-28Games Postponedpush (walk outs)1.49
Aug 29Rockets 1.50correct1.99
Aug 30 Raptors 1.78incorrect0.99
Braves 1.95correct1.94
Aug 31Braves 1.51correct2.45
Sep 1Raptors 1.84incorrect1.45
Indians 1.47correct1.92
Sep 2 Indians 1.62correct 2.56
Sep 3Astros 1.60correct3.16
Raptors 1.92correct4.08
Sep 4Rays @ 1.73correct4.78
This game was listed as maybe.But people took it,so we'll count it. I'll never say maybe again and just list "off"
Sep 5 NC Dinos 1.60push (postponed)4.78
Sep 6 Astros 1.66incorrect 3.78
Sep 7Cubs 1.55correct 4.33
Sep 8NC Dinos 1.47correct4.90
Rays 1.67incorrect 3.90
Sep 9 Samsung 1.40push (4-4)3.90
White Sox 1.63correct4.53
Sep 10Cardinals 1.47correct5.00
Chiefs 1.29correct5.29
The Cardinals were added early last night.I did some site maintenance late at night and added the Chiefs.Somehow I set the Cardinals to private even though it had been public for many hours.Everything has been corrected and this disclosure note added.
Sep 11Rays 1.42correct5.71
Sep 12Rays 1.48correct6.19
Sep 13Ravens 1.29correct6.48
Sorry for missing the 14th. Site Maintenance
on the 15th cancelled yesterday .
POTD will be wrappingup soon as most sportsare entering or finishingtheir playoff season.
Sep 16Braves 1.59incorrect5.48
Sep 17Lightning 1.62correct6.10
Sep 18no picks* np *6.10


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