BitTorrent (BTT/BTC)

BTTBTC potential Wyckoff model

Will China Catch BitTorrent Fever?

BitTorrent’s Chinese connections make it a must watch market.

With all the new interest coming from Chinese officials about Blockchain technology it would be wise to watch markets that have Chinese connections. They will get the most attention and thus most investment input. BTT should be on that watch list.

The first chart is trying ever so hard to flip into “full bull conditions”. That being an overbought StochRSI, a Confirmed Reversal on the SCMR candle system, a cluster of buy volume, and (still waiting on) a blue bar print on my indicator system.

An open of 7 satoshis or higher, with some volume, leaves the door open for a rally to 12 or even 18 depending on how things go.

The second chart shows very tight Bbands. That is a sign to watch a market for a breakout from a range.

The third chart confirms the range and even shows it as a possible Wykoff model forming. All of these points all suggest setting conditional orders and letting the market play out its algorithm.


$DASH, the MasterNode King

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DASH is showing signs of a bottom.

Is it an interm bottom, or something better?

DASH has been the undisputed king of MasterNode coins for years. Because of that it often signals what is to be expected of the altcoin sector. We are only looking at the BTC pair as that’s all that matters for getting the best price when trying to accumulate enough for a node.

The Charts

Chart #1 shows that when there is a long legged wick to the downside price almost always retests the bottom of the wick, and then turns up into a strong bounce or even bull market. That formation seems to be coming to completion.

Chart #2 shows that when price drops 63%, or greater, from the last swing high that a bounce and/or bull market is coming soon. The 2 structural bear markets both had a grand total of roughly 90% decline. The current conditions show that the current leg down is due for a bounce AND the structural bear market has almost finished it’s downward trend.

Now what?

The question becomes, “now what?” It is very possible that the price could cut in half again. Or we could be on the cusp of a new bull market. That’s a lot of uncertainty.

The charts we reviewed are all the 1W time frame. On the 1D price needs to be breaking 0.0098 to begin leaving the sideways range it’s currently in. Bulls start getting curious at 0.00925 and 0.0098 respectively. Anything under 0.0085 will start to attract the bears again.



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Ethereum is in a fairly stable price channel, for now, but…

…can Bitcoin continue to drag Ethereum upwards?

The ETHBTC pair is not doing great at all, but it’s more a function of ETHUSD not going up at the same rate as BTCUSD, rather than ETHUSD selling off, which is encouraging. If ETHUSD continues to be pulled upwards by BTCUSD then USD/Fiat/Cash traders will follow the safe” high cap altcoins like ETH.

How is the price action looking?

Price consolidated in a triangle at the beginning of the year, broke upwards, retested the breakout, then resumed the upward trend in a fashion that has made a clear price channel.

The upside target would be near the upper limits of the channel where there is convergence with the horizontal price level/retail raid starting around $450. Downside will see price action traders rethinking their strategies if the price drops through any of the 3 small red horizontal lines on the right side of the chart.

All of 2019 has the StochRSI resolving at overbought each time it has left oversold. If that trend continues then the possibility of price reaching >$450 is high.


DayTraderCoin Swap

DayTradercoin is upgrading to a masternode coin. Please follow the instruction below for the swap process.


Instructions for the swap:

– Go to “datadir” folder and backup the entire DayTraderCoin folder. Copy it to your desktop for now.
How to find your datadir:

Windows: go to search and type %appdata%
Linux: it should be in “/home/YourUserName/.DayTraderCoin”

– Make an account on
– Open old wallet and send your coins to the swap deposit address.
– Once coins confirm shutdown the wallet.
– Go back to the datadir and delete the entire “DayTraderCoin” folder.
– Download the new wallet.
– Generate a new address. New DTC address start with a “9”
– Got back to your account and navigate to “settings” then paste your address and submit.
– Once you get your coins then you can delete the DayTraderCoin folder that was backed up to the desktop.

Don’t forget to backup your wallet!



                                                                                       Click Image to Enlarge


The Tezos foundation has recently announce the beginning of beta testing and the highly anticipated launch of the XTZ tokens. Fairly classic chart pattern going on at the moment with the pre-launch futures pricing. Seasoned traders will likely be buying the dips in this mark-up process into the actual launch day. Resistance could be met upon launching if the price is near a double top. If price is trying to break out for another leg higher then opening day mania would be in the cards.


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Holdings: Yes, the author does hold XTZ tokens.

CRW (11.24.17)

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The first chart shows CRW trying to break out out a 2 month long falling/descending wedge. A confirmed reversal is printing with priced above 17300-17200sats.

The second chart shows price finding support of this longer term order block. It very recently dipped below it while inside this wedge and is trying to pop above now. If this breakout is real then that dip could be a “spring” as seen from the Wyckoff market models. CRW is a MasterNode coin with a decent dev and some market support from some higher cap individuals. This is a market worth watching.


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EXP (11.23.17)

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EXP daily chart is trying to make a higher low inside a falling wedge. Lots of other markets are moving and this has yet to. The 4H chart below seems to suggest buyers at 30K and below. SCMR candles and horizontal levels point to bullish above 23K.


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Charts are powered by the SCMR Analysis Suite

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BlackCoin BLK

BlackCoin (BLK)




Blackcoin recently broke below the long term horizontal support but it is looking like it might have been a giant fakeout. We are exploring this possibility for many reasons. The weekly chart seems to show 3 bull market fractals with what should be a 4th to follow due to the StochRSI crossing 50 and trending towards oversold.


The daily chart is showing a pick up in volume and then a large volume spike very recently. That spike was used to get the price back to the resistance, which was the old long term horizontal support so easily seen on the weekly chart. At this point in the game it seems far safer to use the horizontal line as the long/short trigger.


There are a couple of reoccurring price patterns that are examined in the video contained within the post. The one has the price retracing from the current level to about 4200 satoshi’s before marching up to new highs. The other has the price finding support at the current before waving upwards into a significant spike.


I have not really been spending much time trading altcoins due to bitcoin being in a bull market. The volatility of the sell offs is very profitable and far more liquid than altcoin markets. However it seems BTC is running out of steam on this rally which then allows time & money to flow into altcoin markets. There are such an enormous amount of altcoins and the ability to research them all is impossible. CSN will instead focus on the quality established altcoins that have upside potential and a decent amount of liquidity. I am sure smaller cap alts will be covered too but will only focus on ones in accumulation patterns and not ones in any sort of bullish trend because the ability to enter and exit the market is difficult on such small cap altcoins.


BlackCoin BLK
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Charts are powered by the SCMR Analysis Suite on

July 7th, 2016


Coin Street News YouTube Channel Launch

YouTube Channel Launch


Coin Street News is proud to announce the launch of our brand new YouTube channel. As always the focus will be on technical analysis and some news stories thrown in for variety. We will also touch on indicators, wave structures, price action and more. Please subscribe and feel free to comment on the videos with any questions you have regarding technical analysis and price trends.


The first video is analysis of the current Bitcoin (BTC) bubble pattern and where the key bull/bear pivot is located.

July 5th, 2016


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