DASH: 3 Year Down Trend

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What Goes Up, Must Go Down.

DASH has been in a brutal downtrend back down to prices seen in 2015 & 2014. Current candle is near the mid-point of the channel and that tends to form trend pivots. Some interpretations:

Bulls- Strength buyers are looking for a breakout above the channel.

Bear- Panic stink bids at the bottom of the channel.

Swing Traders- Looking for reactions off price action raid levels.

Disclosure. The author does not own any DASH.



Click Chart to Enlarge
Click Chart to Enlarge

DASH Big Picture View

The ability to wait on the weekly chart:

The second chart is a way to approach larger position trading. The description is on the chart. TLDR, the first Confirmed Reversal print on the Weekly chart should rally into a green bar print.

Daily chart is coming into support zones, and way off its all time high. If a selloff happens then buying any accelerated selling under the channel is a good technical trade. If that does not present itself then momentum buys above the channel and above the black line & above the blue line will be times other traders conditional orders will create upwards momentum.


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