Siacoin Nears Key Level

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Volume, Pattern, and Price Pivot

  • Lots of green volume along the consolidation phase.
  • Candle Bodies looks like an Inverse Head & Shoulders.
  • Price is 1 Satoshi away form the neckline pivot.

Back on May 2nd I noted the craziness of SC being worth less than DOGE. 3 Days later on the 5th a buy signal started printing at the 24-25 Satoshi level. There was a pullback to 20 the following week, price iwent back through 24-25, and is currently sitting at 28.

Lots of people adhere to the “SC follows DGB” hypothesis. If that holds true then the recent DGB rally is encouraging. If you did not take advantage of the 20-24 pullback then it’s best to wait for some movement of resistance at 29 since it’s only 1 Satoshi away.

Disclosure. The author owns a medium sized bag of SC.


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